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Finally a good cocoa

The Cacaolat range of cocoa drinks was introduced in spring 2019.

Three varieties of this popular Spanish beverage were introduced to the market simultaneously: Original, Noir and 0%.

Irresistible flavour, high quality, elegant packaging and long-standing tradition are the main characteristics of Cacaolat. All three varieties are gluten-free.

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This legendary beverage originally from Spain finally brings authentic cocoa flavour to the Czech Republic.

It is made from the best cocoa beans, according to a secret recipe which hasn’t changed since 1933. It boasts a strong cocoa taste and is highly versatile, meaning it can be enjoyed cold in the summer months and warm in winter.

Cacaolat is sold in an elegant yellow-brown 200 ml packaging.



Cacaolat Noir is based on the same original recipe but is enriched with an infusion of cocoa nibs – minimally processed cocoa beans.

Its woody, roasted notes and pleasantly acerbic taste make it the right choice for lovers of sophisticated flavours.

Cacaolat Noir is available in a luxurious and easily recognisable brown-red bottle.



You can enjoy the unique flavour of Cacaolat in a lighter version – Cacaolat 0%.

It is prepared with the same recipe but does not contain any lactose or added sugars. It is naturally sweetened with stevia.

Even Cacaolat 0% comes in a distinctive yellow bottle.


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