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Energy drink
Big Shock!

We introduced the Big Shock! product line to the market in 2003.

Our first product with its unmistakeable black, yellow and red brand was Big Shock! Original still.

Today, the Big Shock! brand is one of the most demanded in the energy products field.

Product line


We’ve been supplying Big Shock! energy drinks to the market since 2002.

Its ingredients with the highest permitted amount of natural caffeine, taurine and a whole range of vitamins supply the right dose of energy.

250ml and 500ml cans fit your hands perfectly. For demanding customers, we supply litre PET bottles.



Big Shock! energy bars satisfy hunger pangs and give you immediate energy when working.

They have an exceptional flavour and are the ideal snack for athletes or drivers.


Big Shock Coconut, Exotic, Chocolate, Classic: traces of nuts and peanuts, soya, whey, milk



The glucose in Big Shock! is a fast source of energy in your pocket.

It strengthens the body and gives you immediate energy for physical activities, at work or in school.


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